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Slim Net

Anatomic linen cloth with variable compression made of light cord and strong fiber that results in control and comfort.

Resistance wires

Discreet wires made symetrically to create control panels that distribute presion effectively.

Latex Panel

Covered with cotton fabric to make belly planar and accelerate fat burning with permanent results.

¡Feel pretty and sexy again with BODY ELEGANCE SEDUCTION!

With its seductive lace style and deep V-neckline which certainly will fit you, BODY ELEGANCE SEDUCTION will make you feel more attractive than never before.

BODY ELEGANCE SEDUCTION has cottong bridge crotch and ajustable clasps to make you feel comfortable and fresh. Its best quality matterials allow transpiration and get hot and smell away so you can feel comfortable, confident and fresh.

BODY ELEGANCE SEDUCTION is ideal to wear with all kind of clothes: dresses, skirts, pants...

¡What are you waiting for! BODY ELEGANCE SEDUCTION its available in three colors; Black, white, and black with silver details.